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How many times have you experienced the effect wearing off within a short period of the training?

If you are like most organisations, you’re answer to the above question will be: almost always.

What then is an organisation to do to ensure that training can impact performance over the long term? After all good external trainers cost a packet and calling them back for repeated sessions is a drain on your limited budget.



Jerson James brings to you it’s Sales Capability Creation Services

Our Sales Capability Creation services, as the name suggests, is designed to ensure that you have evolved capability in-house to run, monitor and re-run (as required) sales interventions within your organisations.

This allows you to ensure that the impact of training lasts longer. This also ensures that you do this at significantly reduced costs.



Who can benefit from this?

This service is designed for organisations that are seeking to develop its sales force into a top performing unit.

Especially, this is for organisations that are seeking to do the above but cannot spare too large a budget conducting training using high priced external vendors.



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How will we create capability for you in-house?
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Our performance guarantee
About Jerson James
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How will this service benefit you?

  • A significant reduction in training costs(both over the short term and the long term)

  • The capability to run multiple sales force development interventions internally(again, at a much reduced cost)

  • The ability to run workshops that are highly customisedto address your unique competitive landscape

  • The ability to monitor and measure ROIon sales force development initiatives




How will we create capability for you inhouse?

Our capability creation services involve the following:

  • We identify sales people from within your sales force who are subject matter experts and also have a relative flair for training or public speaking. We designate these as Sales Experts

  • We create customised training kit that is uniquely suited to address the landscape of your organisation and its competitive landscape. The content contains a white paper on sales best practices for your organisation, trainer delivery notes, training tools (visuals, activities, case studies, etc.,) and participant hand outs, pre-training needs analysis tools, post-workshop tools, etc.,

  • We train the identified Sales Experts to deliver the content that has been created

  • We get the Sales Team to create a training needs analysis, training delivery and a post training plan, to impart the desired sales inputs to the remainder of the sales force

  • We help the HR (Learning and Development/ Training) Team to monitor the effective roll-out plus the improvement in sales performance as a result of the training

  • We evaluate results and propose changes, as required to further improve sales performance



Client Speak: What our clients have to say about our capability creation activities




Our performance guarantee: Complete satisfaction or your money back

We work really hard to ensure that our customers get their money’s worth (and then some more)

If, you are not satisfied that we have added the amount of value that we had committed to, then you may:

  • Choose to pay us less than the invoice amount

  • Not pay us at all

All our services come with the above performance guarantee.




About Jerson James Capability Creation Services

  • Our ability to create in-house capability is highly rated: Whether it is our ability to develop highly customised, engaging, yet simple to implement content, or our train-the-trainer workshops, our Clients have rated our services among the best that they have seen globally

  • Our experience of having done this successfully in the past: To be honest, since this is a relatively new service that we have begun, we have done this only with three of our esteemed Clients. However, these were long term assignments and involved creating capability for various areas. The experience that we have gained in these assignments has proven invaluable. It has greatly enhanced our ability to create top quality capability for our clients

  • 18+ Years of Sales and Training Experience:Jerson brings with him 18+ years of sales and training experience. It is this combined sales and training experience, which allows us to deliver high impact capability creation services.



Published Author: Writings have also been published by The Economic Times

Jerson is the author of ‘The Rainmaker’s Roadmap’, a highly acclaimed blog on sales effectiveness.
His e-book titled, ‘The Rainmaker’s Roadmap’ is available for download here (link).
ET in the Classroom, a brand owned by Economic Times/ Times Multimedia has published a CD-ROM on Presentation Skills.
The content for this CD was provided by Jerson himself



Terms and Conditions of Service

You will be provided with a proposal / approach paper detailing the nature and terms of conditions of service, for approval
On approval of the same, a contract detailing the terms and conditions governing the service provided by us, is to be signed between both parties
All work on solution design and roll-out will commence post signing of the contract


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