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Selling, in todays depressed, yet hyper-competitive environment is a challenge


Very little, if any demand, really exists today. Few are the customers who are buying; many are the competitors vying for the limited customer spend. It’s a reverse auction; one buyer, many sellers.
Sales success in today’s depressed market environment requires that salespeople create demand, rather than simply be present where demand exists. The question is: what exactly is a salesperson to do in order to be a demand creator rather than a demand chaser?


PresentingThe Rainmaker’s Roadmap Workshop:SalesPowerTools tohelp you overcome six sales mistakes & sell at a premium


This workshop is designed to sow the seeds for the skills required for salespeople to be demand creators rather than demand chasers.It seeks to empower salespeople with the tools required to sell in today’s hypercompetitive market.


Benefits: What this workshop can do for you

  • Diagnose strengths & development areas for your sales force:Our diagnostic solutions help you identify what gaps (if any) exist within individual members of your sales force. The result of the diagnosis can form the basis for any future training and/or development plan
  • Gain insights into industry best practices for your specific industry:Our sales training combines both functional inputs (from industry leaders) & behavioural skills. The functional inputs provide you with industry best practices; the behavioural inputs teach your salespeople how to apply the industry best practices in the sales meetings
  • Ensure workshop learning is transferred to the work floor: Our post-workshop process ensures that the lessons are transferred to the work floor and make a concrete difference to your organisation. This ensures a definite ROI on your training investment
  • Workshops that are highly customisedto address your unique competitive landscape


Client Speak:What our clients have to say about our workshop

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About Jerson James

Fortune 500 Companies have benefitted from his expertise
Jerson has been a trainer for the last 19 years.  His expertise has been utilised by over 30 firms, including Fortune 500 companies.

Industry Experience
He began his career in sales. He continued delivering training all through his eight-year career in sales.
In 2002, he joined EmmayHR as a trainer.  It was his first stint with the world of Training and Consulting. Within a year, he rose to head the training business of that firm.

Cross industry experience
Since then, he has delivered workshopsover thirty organisations in the Advisory/ Consulting, Research, BFSI, IT, Pharmaceutical, Media, Telecom, Logistics, Manufacturing, BPO, and Travel industries. As mentioned earlier, these include many Fortune 500 companies.



Published Author: Writings have also been published by The Economic Times

Jerson is the author of ‘The Rainmaker’s Roadmap’, a highly acclaimed blog on sales effectiveness.
His e-book titled, ‘The Rainmaker’s Roadmap’ is available for download here (link).

ET in the Classroom, a brand owned by Economic Times/ Times Multimedia has published a CD-ROM on Presentation Skills.
The content for this CD was provided by Jerson himself.


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Workshops by Jerson James have drawn great acclaim by top salespeople from various organisations.
If you desire to equip your sales force to be able to sell in today’s fiercely competitive market, then get in touch with us.
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