Sales Presentation Masterclass


Do you wish your sales presentations would convert more prospects into customers?


Your team & you work really hard; you deliver your sales presentations with passion. But, somehow you feel that the ‘numbers’ don’t quite reflect the potential that your product/ service has.

Do you wish that your Sales Team could increase their sales conversion rate?



Presenting, ‘Impact!The Sales PresentationsSkills Masterclass’

The Sales Presentation Masterclass is a workshop that will help your sales team:

  • Improve their sales numbers
  • Shorten their sales cycle
  • Be able to sell at a premium
  • Present a more professional image of your organisation

It is a workshop based on 18+ years of research and study in the field of sales and sales presentations..


Who should attend this workshop?

This workshop is intended for:

  • Individuals involved in sales/ business development roles
  • Consultants & Subject Matter Experts, who aid sales personnel in the sales process
  • Those who present at investor/ customer interaction sessions with the intent of influencing a sale


What makes Impact! different from other similar workshops?

  • Ensures that Learning is Actually Used: The focus of this intervention is in ensuring that participants actually implement the workshop & do so correctly. This workshop has a post-training process that ensures:
    • Learning remains fresh in the participant’s mind
    • The learning is implemented
    • Participants have a forum to have their  struggles addressed
    • The change is monitored & it’s impact, measured
  • Focused on Concrete Business Outcomes:This workshop is focused on improving the business outcomes (sales numbers, conversion rates, sales cycle) of your presentations. It begins by identifying the business outcomes that need to be addressed. Everything that follows, the workshop, the post-workshop interventions, are all focused on achieving these objectives
  • Relevance:The workshop will work with existing presentations that you deliver; not with hypothetical presentations
  • Proven Track Record: This workshop has a proven track record of success. Read what Sales personnel who have used our methods, have to say, about our workshop.
  • Trainer with First Hand Sales Experience:  It is not delivered by someone who has read some books on sales. It is designed and delivered by a trainer who has 16+ years of sales experience, along with 19+ years of experiencedelivering high impact training.
  • Cutting Edge Research, made practical and easy:The workshop employs cutting edge research; only we make this research easy to understand and implement. This is a crucial difference. Most workshops are overly theoretical, or based on old out-dated methods. Our designs are practical, relevant, and jargon free; yet it is absolutely scientific and based on proven research.
  • Gain access to lifelong learningon sales, sales presentations and presentations in general (all participants in our workshops, get immediate access to privileged content on our website)


Will We Customise the Workshop for You?


The content, tools, and material used in this workshop will be customised to be relevant to the unique business and cultural environment of your organisation.

This pre-training process (see details below) will ensure that the content is relevant to you. It will ensure that the learning can be immediately and successfully transferred to your work floor and to your business situations.


Our Delivery Process

Our delivery process is as mentioned under:

The process ensures our workshops are relevant to the audience’s landscape. It also ensures that the learning is not forgotten, but is implemented.

Our delivery process ensures business impact.










About Jerson James, workshop facilitator

Fortune 500 companies have reported benefits of working with Jerson as their training partner

Fortune 500 Companies have benefitted from his expertise

Jerson has been a trainer for the last 18 years.  His expertise has been utilised by over 30 firms, including Fortune 500 companies.


18 + years of training and presentation experience

At the age of 16, he joined Junior Chamber International, an individual development organisation. That was his first exposure to training delivery. He has been a trainer since then.

Industry Experience

He began his career in sales. He continued delivering training all through his eight-year career in sales.

In 2002, he joined EmmayHR as a trainer.  It was his first stint with the world of Training and Consulting. Within a year, he rose to head the training business of that firm.

Cross industry experience

Since then, he has conducted workshops for organisations in the Advisory/ Consulting, Research, BFI, IT, Pharmaceutical, Media, Telecom, Logistics, Manufacturing, BPO, and Travel industry. As mentioned earlier, these include many Fortune 500 companies.


Published Author: Writings have also been published by The Economic Times

The Economic Times (its ET in the Classroom brand) has released a CD-ROM on Presentation Skills, written by Jerson

Jerson is the author of ‘The Rainmaker’s Roadmap’, a highly acclaimed blog on sales effectiveness.

His e-book titled, ‘The Rainmaker’s Roadmap’ is available for download here (link).

ET in the Classroom, a brand owned by Economic Times/ Times Multimedia has published a CD-ROM on Presentation Skills.

The content for this CD was provided by Jerson himself.

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