The Consultant’s Presentation Masterclass


Are Your Consultants, Analysts Able to Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace?

Your organisation has been at the vanguard of thought leadership in your industry.

But, are you often left feeling that your Consultants/ Analysts don’t always communicate that message in a manner, which projects your organisation in the same light?


Presenting, ‘The Consultant’s Presentation Masterclass’

‘The Consultant’s Presentation Masterclass is a workshop that will help your Consultants / Analysts create and deliver communication / presentations, which:

Convey a message in a compelling, simple, yet powerful manner; one that can truly empower the Client’s decision making and thus positively impact the customer’s business (thus making you a strategic ally to your Client)

  • Is optimised to the Client’s state of mind and knowledge level
  • Is engaging, interesting, and easy to understand
  • Positions your organisation as a contemporary and progressive brand
  • Projects them as highly competent professionals and experts in their field

It is a workshop based on 18+ years of research / study in the field of Communication and Presentation effectiveness.


Who should attend this workshop?

If your job involves presenting information (in any form) which will empower your Clients to make more informed business or investment decisions, then this workshop is for you.

Specifically, this workshop is designed for:

  • Consultants
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Analysts
  • Research Professionals
  • Investor Relations Professionals

What Type and Modes of Communication Does the Workshop Address?

The workshop addresses:

  • Consultant presentations and reports
  • Analyst presentations and reports
  • Research presentations and reports

As is obvious, the workshop deals with written presentations (reports), one-one presentations, and one- to-many presentations.


How Will The Workshop Help Your Communication Stand Out From Competition?

  • It is not about you: The focus of the workshop is to help participants learn that most often, what they want to convey in a communication / presentation and what the Client wants from it are diametrically opposite. The workshop looks at how you can marry both.
  • Designed for the Client: One issue, which Clients profess to suffer with most Analyst / Consultant communication, is how such communication is practically incomprehensible to the receiver. The workshop looks at how communication can be optimised to the Client’s state of mind and knowledge level.
  • Avoiding the curse of knowledge: Often, Consultants / Analysts understand the logic behind the points presented. In their minds, the dots connect. Unfortunately, it is only in their mind that the dots connect. The logic, however, eludes the poor, hapless Client. This workshop helps you structure communication in an easy to understand and logical manner.
  • Engaging and Elegant: Serious or technical need not mean uninteresting and unappealing. Unfortunately, most communication (especially from the experts) is exactly that. We share with you insights and tricks to make your communication appear elegant and appealing.
  • Delivering a compelling message: Even the best communication, if not delivered well, will fall flat. This workshop provides participants with inputs on how to deliver a compelling presentation.


Will We Customise the Workshop for You?


The content, tools, material used in this workshop will be customised to be relevant to the unique business and cultural environment of your organisation.

This pre-training process (see details below) will ensure that the content is relevant to you. It will ensure that the learning can be immediately and successfully be transferred to your work floor and to your business situations.


About Jerson James, workshop facilitator

Fortune 500 Companies have benefitted from his expertise

Jerson has been a trainer for the last 19 years.  His expertise has been utilised by over 30 firms, including Fortune 500 companies.

18 + years of training and presentation experience

At the age of 16, he joined Junior Chamber International, an individual development organisation. That was his first exposure to training delivery. He has been a trainer since then.

Industry Experience

He began his career in sales. He continued delivering training all through his eight year career in sales.

In 2002, he joined Emmay HR as a trainer.  It was his first stint with the world of Training and Consulting. Within a year, he rose to head the training business of that firm.

Cross industry experience

Since then, he has conducted workshops for organisations in the BFI, IT, Pharmaceutical, Media, Telecom, Logistics, Manufacturing, BPO, and Travel industry. As mentioned earlier, these include many Fortune 500 companies.

Published Author: Writings have also been published by The Economic Times

Jerson is the author of ‘The Rainmaker’s Roadmap’, a highly acclaimed blog, which is aimed at and is highly acclaimed by salespeople across India and the world. His e-book The Rainmaker’s Roadmap is available for download here (link)

ET in the Classroom, a brand owned by Economic Times / Times Multimedia has published a CD-ROM on Presentation Skills.

The content for this CD was provided by Jerson himself.




Performance guarantee

All our services come with a performance guarantee.

Should the workshop not meet set objectives and expectations, you may tell us so. We will refund the advance amount (minus the cost of the training material) without any further queries. And, there will be no further charge of any nature levied.


Our Delivery Process

Our delivery process is as mentioned under:

The process ensures that our workshops are relevant to the audience’s landscape. It also ensures that the learning is not forgotten, but is implemented.

Our delivery process ensures business impact.


Terms & conditions

You will be provided with a proposal / approach paper detailing the nature and terms of conditions of service, for approval

On approval of the same, a contract detailing the terms and conditions governing the service provided by us, is to be signed between both parties

All work on solution design and roll-out will commence post signing of the contract

Workshops by Jerson James have drawn great acclaim by top Consultants and Analysts from various organisations.

If you desire to equip your key Consultants / Analysts to communicate to stand out in today’s fiercely competitive market, then get in touch with us.

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