Books, Authors, Websites & Other Learning Resources that every salesperson should read

Here are some of learning resources & authors that I highly recommend for all salespeople:


My Favourite Websites

Seth Godin’s arguably the brightest marketing mind around. His website, his books (especially his books) are a must read for anybody interested in being successful in sales and/ or running a successful business.

Deep stuff that is absolutely fun to read. Do not miss Seth’s work

Chip’s a Stanford professor. Dan was a researcher at Harvard, now a Consultant. Together they have written some of the two of the finest books on communication & on change. Read their books. Devour their articles. Importantly, put their lessons into practice. The payoff for you will be invaluable.


They make emotional intelligence a subject that you can wrap your head around without too much of ado.

Need we say more?

Go read!







The Rainmaker’s Roadmap E-Book

How does one sell in today’s depressed, yet hyper-competitive environment?

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Demand has slowed down!

Sales success in today’s depressed market environment requires that salespeople create demand, rather than simply be present where demand exists. The question is: what exactly is a salesperson to do in order to be a demand creator?


Presenting The Rainmaker’s Roadmap : SalesPowerTools to help you overcome six sales mistakes & sell at a premium

This book is designed to sow the seeds for the skills required for salespeople to be demand creators rather than demand chasers.


How to use the book

As you read through this book, assess your own approach to sales & your own sales activities. Audit your selling approach & ability using the audit tool, the link for which, you will find towards the end of the book. As you read, pay particular attention to the Chapter, which deals with the chinks that you have been able to identify through the tool. However, do ensure that you read the entire book, as each Chapter builds on the previous Lastly, come up with an action plan to help you improve your sales effectiveness.


How to get your hands on this book

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So, what are you waiting for?

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