About Jerson James Sales Training, Sales Advisory and Sales Capability Creation Services

“Be relevant to our customers, add real value, or do not charge the customer any money” – We live by this philosophy

The trouble with most sales training/ consulting

Most workshops/ consulting/ products are either:

  • Overly simplistic (read: articles found using Google and stitched together), or
  • Overly technical (read: jargon filled, complex stuff that is good to hear, but often practically useless)
  • Great fun & that’s about it!

People attend them; they rate the workshop highly…and then…. it’s all forgotten. Some more money down the drain!

We at Jerson James instead offer Relevant & Implementable Solutions

Our service offerings are designed to be:

  • Relevant (stuff that is based on real world challenges & situations that your salesperson faces)
  • Implementable (stuff that is easy enough to be used, without being simplistic or merely textbook)

We Ensure Business Impact

Our delivery process ensures that our workshops are relevant to your landscape. It also ensures that the learning is not forgotten, but is implemented.

It is the process, combined with cutting edge content, which ensures business impact.


We spend time & money on research

One reason why we can offer you solutions that are relevant &implementable is our process flow, which we have mentioned above.The other is the amount of time & money that we spend on research; both primary & secondary research. It is this focus on studying the field of sales that allows us to provide you with services that actually drive business outcomes.


We are not No. 1

(So, we try harder just to ensure that you get the best)

While at Jerson James, we might have:

  • Delivered fabulous results to our clients
  • Authored books and other content that are commercially available
  • Offerings that are based on cutting edge research
  • Experienced personnel, some of whom have over 18 years of training experience
  • Personnel who have provided services to 40+ organisations across industry verticals

We are still very small fish in a very big ocean. We recognize that fact.

So, we try harder! That’s Why You Will Get Much Greater Value

The big fish are well…The big fish!

That is why we tryreally hard. In fact, much harder that most others; it is why we try to go the extra mile for you; it is why we endeavour that our offerings truly make a difference to you.

You will rarely get better value from any other training service provider! We guarantee you that.

You see, the small fish always have to ensure that the big fish do not have them for dinner.

Complete Satisfaction; or, your money back

We work really hard to ensure that our customers get their money’s worth (and then some more)

If, you are not satisfied that we have added the amount of value that we had committed to, then you may:

  • Choose to pay us less than the invoice amount
  • Not pay us at all



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